Rogue Kitsuneko 賊狐猫


➽ Riyou Kisa

✉ : [email protected]

Hello! I'm Riyou Kisa!
A freelance multi disciplinary Artist,
based in Singapore!
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➽ Favourites

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Mori Calliope

♚ 神推し

Mori Calliope

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Mori Calliope

▶ Placeholder for something cool soon!

✤ Oshis

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▶ I have more but I will add another day!

🎮 Games

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✤ Addtional Note!

▶ I play a variety of games & many party games!
▶ I am very good at puzzle & strategy based games as well.

✿ Anime

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▶ Here are some that I loved.

✤ Genres

I generally enjoy these genres but prefer not watch too much gore.
▶ Mahou shoujo
▶ Slice of life
▶ Shounen
▶ Action
▶ Fantasy
▶ Romance

➽ RK3 Studios

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